The ‘Young ArcHers’ educational toolkit

The ‘Young ArcHers’ educational toolkit

Audio guides on architectural paths

Accessible Audio guides around selected architectural paths

Multiplex edu-game

Multiplex edu-game

Heritage awareness campaigns

Built heritage awareness campaigns


Morningside Montessori Elementary Private School
TransMedia Catalonia
22nd Elementary School of Athens


Young ArcHers

Young ArcHers is an Erasmus Plus project which targets primary school teachers and their students (9-12 yo), including children with disabilities and those originating from socio-culturally diverse backgrounds.

Drawing inspiration from heritage buildings and monuments constructed between 1850 and 1960 in Athens, Barcelona, Nicosia and Paris, the Young ArcHers project proposes efficient training materials and accessible interdisciplinary tools, designed to support teachers in motivating their students to discover the European dimension of their local built heritage and develop participatory skills.

Moreover, the project emphasizes the role of digital technology as a catalyst for the consolidation of new knowledge, and promotes the protection of heritage buildings through local and international awareness campaigns.